The Stuttgarter Filmwinter-Festival for Expanded Media seeks for current positions in the fields of short and experimental films, installations, network culture, AV performances and live-acts. The festival offers a plattform for film and media art in discourse and practice.
We are looking forward to inspiring meetings, intensive exchange, new and old discoveries.

Deadline: 1. September 2018


Requirements for participation

There is no fee for selected works. Submitted works should not be older than production year 2017. Works submitted before during the last years are excluded.

Film & Video (International Short Film Competition, 2 Minutes Short Film, Supporting Program)

Films and videos submitted to the »International Short Film Competition« can’t be longer than 30 minutes. Submitted films and videos being longer than 30 minutes may run in a special programme outside the competition. Participants of the 2 Minutes Short Film Award should not be older than the age of 35. Commissioned works and trailers are excluded from the participation. The winner films will be screened at a special event after the Filmwinter.

Media in Space, Network Culture (Expanded Media Exhibition)

Submissions can include installations, augmented reality, VR projects, media based performances, works on and app-based projects or works, and works at the intersection of Media in Space, Network Culture and Performing Arts. Please, enclose information about the work, illustrative material, detailed plans, and a technical requirement list (including insurance value of required equipment and/or equipment/material that can eventually be provided).

AV performances and live acts

For the supporting programme, we are looking for current positions at the intersection of expanded cinema, media and net art, and/or positions that cleverly link digital culture to the analogue and redefine this interface. (In individual cases, we reserve the right, after consultation with the artists, to include applications in this area in our competition categories).


The applicant must cover shipment/mailing costs for preview material and screening copies to Stuttgart. The return shipment for the screening copies will be covered by Wand 5 e.V.
Return of the preview material on request only by sending an e-mail to Selected works will be kept in Wand 5´s archive. Entries from abroad must bear the notice: »Temporary import - no commercial value«. For shipment of screening copies from outside of the European Community, please, include a pro forma invoice with a declaration of value not exceeding 50 US $. The screening copies have to arrive at the festival office before December 20th, 2018. Acceptances for the competition will be sent out via email on December 1st, 2018. Rejections of entries will be carried out until December 31st, 2018.


The screening copies and installations are insured for the value of the material from the date of arrival until the date of return. Claims for damages have to be put in immediately after the return.