Programm und Highlights, 31. Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Programme and Highlights of the 31st Filmwinter Stuttgart - Festival for Expanded Media

The Festival Team will open the doors to the Filmwinter Palais (Wilhelmspalais) from February 8 - 11, 2018. It is the 31st edition of Filmwinter Stuttgart - Festival for Expanded Media with this year's motto „Inside the Fluffy Filter Bubble“ - On risks and side-effects of cat pictures and other comfort zones. The whole Filmwinter team of Wand 5 e.V. , the festival's support association, shouts: "Let's dive into the fluffy filter bubble!" With this edition, the Festival is diving deeply into the comfort zones and perception bubbles in which our lives are taking place. The festival's core is made up of the best submissions from the international competition categories of short film, Media in Space and Network Culture. On the festival's closing day, jurors will award prizes with a total amount of 9,000 euros. A comprehensive supporting programme as well as numerous events for children and youths will round up the festival.

Warm-up mit Preview

The Warm Up starts on 19 January at 19:30 with the exhibition opening of the video installation „Birds monitoring Untitled Airlines“ by video artist Ulu Braun at Galerie b inside the Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart (Stuttgart's Library). Sixteen video loops are assembled to set up a complex video sculpture: birds in urban contexts and mud-clad bodies in landscapes are figuratively overlapping to form narrative structures. The exhibition, which was especially created for Galerie b, will run until 17 March 2018.
Johanna Mangold and Jan-Hendrik Pelz will demonstrate how they, two young independent artists, transform into the best artists of the world with the help of magic to conquer their slot in the highly competitive art market at Kunstraum Oberwelt with their work „twenty three and some more“. The exhibition can be visited from 20 January, 19:00, until 10 February 2018.
At Galerie Gedok, jury member and media artist Marko Schiefelbein will present his works in the exhibition "Expulsion into Paradise" as of 7 February at 19:30. In his video works, Schiefelbein explores the language and imagery of the advertising industry as he examines their role in the process of construction and reproduction of identity.

Supporting Programme

In the programme section Country Focus Japan, curator Keitaro Oshima analyses how Japanese experimental films reveal today's invisible pressures and the reactions towards them in a nonverbal way.
With "It’s all about the cats!“, curator Marija Milovanovic of the Cat Video Festival Vienna gets to the bottom of one of today's probably biggest pop culture phenomena. Here, she employs the whole range from funny Youtube videos to sophisticated short films and music videos focusing on cats.
The programme "Von nun an unbequem" "From now on uneasy" will present seven films on the subject of being awkward and not wanting to adapt.
Jury member and filmmaker Douwe Dijkstra will present "Don't blink", a commissioned trailer for the Go short International Film Festival 2017. The Japanese filmmaker Maki Satake will show new animations and films which she made from photos and film material her grandfather had shot. The Canadian Steven Woloshen will be present and represented by eleven abstract films and time-based installations.

International Competition Film

In the International Short Film Competition programme, Portuguese Leonor Teles, award winner at the Berlin Film Festival and up-and-coming European filmmaker, will present her film „Batrachian´s Ballad“, and experimental filmmaker Mike Hoolboom will show his poetic film "Ghost". In "Schwarze Welle", the Queen of the international animation scene, Mariola Brillowska, tells the tale of a ship-wrecked African ends up in the care of a uniformed mermaid.
With his work "Die Herberge", video collage specialist Ulu Braun has created a video painting in which past and present merge to become one place and where great distress and recreational activities are not mutually exclusive.
The jury of the International Short Film Competition consists of Estonian curator Anna Zača, Dutch filmmaker Douwe Dijkstra and Alice Koegel, curator at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. They will appoint the Team Work Award (2,000 euros sponsored by Ritter Sport) and the Norman 2018 (4,000 euros).

International Competitions Media in Space and Network Culture

The competitions Media in Space and Network Culture will feature interdisciplinary formats between performance, installation, Expanded Cinema and Net Art as well as interventions in real and virtual space.
Here, the Berlin-based film and media artist Matthias Fritsch for example finds strong and poetic images on the subject of war and authority in his video installation „City and Birds“. In his video "The Signal", the Briton Toby Tatum opens up astonishing views on the meditative power of nature. With „Let´s Not Play“, Austrian artist Thomas
Wagensommerer has created a successful discourse with game culture - blurring the lines between game and performance.
The Expanded Media Awards for Media in Space and Network Culture is appointed by the following jury members: net artist and teacher at NSCAD university Halifax David Clark, interdisciplinary artist and scientist at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne Christian Faubel and video artist Marko Schiefelbein.

Media Space as part of the Filmwinter Stuttgart framework

Media Space aims at offering a platform for thesis and project presentations within the media discourse in Stuttgart but also function as a place for productive and direct discussion. The platform is a year-round initiative by Wand 5 e.V., the organisers of the Filmwinter Stuttgart - Festival for Expanded Media. This platform brings together collectives or individual people of various disciplines to question the social, political and cultural changes of the media society.
In the VR Lounge at the Filmwinter Palais, Canadian David Clark will talk about Virtual Reality as an art form. The programme „New Angles to the Given Water“ will present a series of current works from the VR and 360° range but will also be responsive to the requirements of this new medium.
Armed with barcode reading devices, computers and data modules, the artists Barcode DJ´s will create surreal soundscapes from noises in a live performance. They will convert them into an experimental piece setting up chaotic background noise in an environmental context. The trash DJs are thus revealing the abundance of trash that makes up our society.


There are yet more highlights waiting for festival visitors: Komfortrauschen from Berlin are playing first class Minimal Techno. The Stuttgart-based musician Levin goes Lightly will play music between Pop and art and the Russian She-DJ Inga Bauer, an ascending star on the European scene, will crack up the dancefloor with her Minimal Electronica.

Children's and Youth Programme

The Filmwinter Stuttgart not only invites big but also small film fans to visit the Filmwinter Palais: a short film programme, two school projects, three workshops and two guided tours through the Expanded Media Exhibition for families aim at creating an appetite for a playful exploration of film and media. And because it's carnival season everyone is welcome to visit in costume.

Media Partners

Lift Stuttgart, Freies Radio Stuttgart und Film & TV Kamera

Cooperation partners of the 31st festival edition are Stadtmuseum Stuttgart, Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart (City Library) and Kunstbezirk.