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Vertreibung ins Paradies

Warm Up
Warm Up

Video works by Marko Schiefelbein

Opening: Wed 7.2.2018, 19:30
Exhibition: 8.2. – 24.2.2018

Opening hours during the festival:
Thu 8.2.–Fri 9.2., 15:00–18:00
Sat 10.2–Sun 11.2., 14:00–17:00

Guided Tour: Sa 10.2., 16:00, Meeting Point: GEDOK
Artist Talk with Marko Schiefelbein: Expulsion into Paradise, in English on Sun 11.2., 16:00

Regular opening hours (after the festival):
Wed–Fri, 16:00–19:00 and Sat 13:00–16:00, Meeting Point: GEDOK

In his films and video installations, Marko Schiefelbein explores the language and imagery of the advertising industry, investigating their role in the process of constructing and reproducing identity. His works depict the expulsion of an individual from a possible state of complacency and frugality into a permanent state of a search for a perfectly made version of one’s own personality – an expulsion into the paradise worlds created by advertising.
Marko Schiefelbein is this year’s member of the Media in Space and Network Culture jury.

GEDOK Stuttgart
Hölderlinstraße 17,
70174 Stuttgart

“Phosphorescent Screens” and “Herbs”

Warm Up
Warm Up

Video installations of Silvi Simon

Presentation “Phosphorescent Screens“
Wed 31.1.18, 21:00 Uhr

Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg
Gerokstraße 37, 70184 Stuttgart

Presentation “Herbs“
8.2. – 11.2.18, 18:30–22:00 Uhr

Vitrine des Institut français
Schlossstraße 51, 70174 Stuttgart

In 2017, Silvi Simon received a scholarship of the Artist Exchange Programme for visual artists by the Land of Baden-Württemberg and Region Grand-Est. The Strasbourg-based artist will present the video installations she created in Stuttgart: “Phosphorescent Screens“ and “Herbs“, a sensual contemplation of nature through the medium video.


twenty three and some more

Warm Up
Warm Up

Johanna Mangold and Jan-Hendrik Pelz

Opening: Sat 20.1.2018, 19:00
Exhibition: 21.1. – 10.2.2018
Mondays: 21:30–24:00
and by appointment: Phone 0711 65 00 67

Johanna Mangold und Jan-Hendrik Pelz see themselves as young independent artists confronted by a highly competitive art scene and art market in which they each have to secure a position for themselves. They encounter the dubious mechanisms, the unequal distribution of attention, capital and influence and the completely open question about objective “artistic quality” with a measure that will be more than a self-fulfilling prophecy: they brew a magic potion using select ingredients that turns whoever drinks it into the “best artist in the world”. The creation process and potion drinking performance can be seen in the form of a documentary video “Zaubertrank” (magic potion), which will celebrate its premiere in cooperation with Oberwelt e.V. and the Stuttgarter Filmwinter. Additionally, original artworks from “the best artists in the world” can be marvelled at the Oberwelt gallery.

Galerie Oberwelt e.V.
Reinsburgstraße 93, 70197 Stuttgart

Birds Monitoring Untitled Airlines

Warm Up
Warm Up

Videoinstallation by Ulu Braun

Opening: Fr 19.1. um 19:30 Uhr
Exhibition: 19.1. – 17.3.18
Mon - Sat: 9:00 - 21:00 Uhr
Guided Tour: Sat, 10.02.2018, 12 Uhr

Video artist Ulu Braun has set up a unique video installation for Galerie b. Sixteen loops from “Birds” and “Untitles Airlines” are assembled to form a complex video sculpture: birds in urban contexts and mud-clad bodies in landscapes overlap to become pictorial loops.

Ulu Braun was born 1976 in Schongau, Germany. He works and lives in Berlin. From 1996 to 2005 he studied painting and experimental film at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and animation at the Film University Babelsberg in Potsdam.

Ulu Braun has been using the medium of video to explore the field between the visual arts and auteur cinema since 1997. He is one of the key figures who have transferred painting into video art and have played a significant role in defining and further developing the genre of video collage. In 2017 he was awarded for best film in german competition at Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen and the arte Shortfilm Award (Hamburg). Currently he receives the Hans & Charlotte Krull working grant.

Ulu Braun is taking part in the Stuttgart Filmwinter - short films international competition - with his work “The Hostel”

The artist will be present at the gallery opening.


Stuttgarter Stadtbibliothek in der Galerie b
Mailänder Platz 1,
70173 Stuttgart